Gentlemen should know more.
Ladies are very attentive to their hair. They know that hair style has tremendous effect in the first encounter. So any hair style can be easily made on your hair. Celebrities are good models for their hair style. Some ladies like unordered hair style, some like arranged and tidy hair style, some like bald, and some like spiky hair.
Unordered and informal hairstyle: Indifferent people who do not get annoyed easily, everyday tensions cannot affect them, and they are kind of attractive and deceiving people.
Romantic hairstyle for gentlemen who want to be unique, wavy and curly hair: For this style the hair need to be a little longer on both sides, and you can style the hair with hair wax and styling creams.
Bald hair, bald men: An American researcher called Albert Manz, who was bald himself, has done a research on 59 people. He wanted to know how people see bald men. People had to look at each picture twice, first with hair, second with no hair. The result was very interesting. Most people said, bald men look more confident, stronger and bigger, they are more attractive for women, and they have high self confidence. They are often smarter, more successful and more confident.
Straight and thick hair: Creative, determined and wilful men who are usually successful in their business and career, and who can easily take the challenges in life. You can rely on them as a committed person. Raging men never choose these styles. They do not need any product for their hair, and some hair gel is enough for them to use.
Art style, for men who are lazy and who want to look professional, you need to have a little long and wavy hair, which can be styled with hair wax or oil.
The hair style for serious, confident and silent men, who are very smart; straight hair is better to form in this style, and one can easily form the hair with gel.
Spiky hair is for fashionable and modern people who are vibrant and happy. They have very high self confidence, and want to show they are up to date.
Curly and wavy hair; are for people who are creative and bright. They do not care about other people’s judgment, and live their own life style. They guess their hair style is a success in being attractive. Serious men cannot choose this style. To form this hair style you can spread some gel on towel dried hair, and leave to be dried. Do not fiddle with hair until gets dry.
The suitable hairstyle for men who are very confident and care about themselves, mysterious men, and men who like to look fashionable; is straight hair with a slight wave, which can be styled with a little gel on hair and comb backwards, then leave to get dried.
Simple and short hairstyles; first we have to find the reason and cause why they want to keep their hair very short! People who like to have short hair are conservative that can adapt themselves to the environment. They tend to do sports and military works, and they are conservative.
For the researchers, not only hair styles can predict different people’s characteristics, but hair colours can also manifest them. As the researches show, people who have gray hair, and like their natural hair colour, are very transparent characters, and they do not hide their decision or behaviours. They hate to censure themselves.

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