If your hair is curly and frizzy, it needs a lot of caring, because it is the most vulnerable type of hair. And if it is straight, smooth and flat hair which is not puffy or wavy can be easily formed with volumizing and styling products. It is better to change your shampoo, conditioner, mask, and oil with the change of season. For instance, in spring you can use normal masks and products, and in summer controlling, protecting and sun care products. In windy seasons hair cuticle changes and the hair becomes puffy and frizzy which can be very distressing. You can use controlling and sulphate-free shampoos or products containing oils. For Curly hair which are fragile and prone to get dry that should be cared for, you need to change your shampoo with changing the season, to easily style the hair and double the beauty.

Keratin or Protein Permanent

Scientifically, Keratin is a very strong protein which is the main part of a hair. Hair, skin and nail tissues contain Keratin, and when hair damages due to mental and environmental effects, as well as diets, Keratin cells has been disappeared in our body which results in dried and fragile hair that can be substituted with fluid Keratin, and bring back the protein to the hair. This can make the hair smooth, frizz-less and straight, which lasts between 4 to 6 months.