Waxing Appointment only with Mahsa Gold

Waxing treatments are a semi-permanent removal of unwanted hair. Hair regrowth is slower and finer with no coarse stubble. For sensitive areas, particularly for the face, underarm and bikini area, we use Lycon Hot Wax for its gentleness and soothing properties. Lycon Hot Wax can remove hair as short as 1mm. In all other areas, we use Hive Wax with Confidence designed for sensitive skin to ensure you have the best possible waxing experience.

Strip Waxing

We use the Australian Bodycare tea tree wax tubes which help eliminate ingrown hairs. A new dispenser is used for each client for a hygienic wax, stopping any cross-contamination or infection. A soothing paraben free tea tree after wax lotion is applied to nourish the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Brazilian Waxing

Like a Bikini Waxing, but hair is removed from the front & back, as well as everything in between. A landing strip is left.

Hollywood Waxing

Just like the Brazilian Wax, but all hair is removed.

Hot Waxing

Sensitive wax for sensitive areas. An individual foil insert is used for each intimate wax, the spatula, wax and insert is disposed of after every client avoiding cross contamination. On smaller areas, patellas are only used once to avoid any double dipping again ensuring maximum hygiene.

Notes about Waxing

Please be advised to avoid perfumed products, swimming, sun beds and heat treatments 24 hours before and after waxing treatments. Hair growth to be a minimum 1cm. Please ensure that hair is long enough.

Caution about Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing

If you are having a Brazilian or Hollywood obviously cleanliness is a must, wipes are provided to freshen up. During menstruation the treatment may still be carried out, a tampon must be inserted with the string hidden inside by the client.

Price List of Waxing

  • Full Legs: £20
  •  Full Legs & Bikini: £25
  •  Half Legs: £12
  •  Half Legs & Bikini: £18
  •  Bikini: £10
  •  Under Arm: £8
  •  Brazilian: £20
  •  Hollywood: £25
  •  Other Area: £10
  •  Back or Chest Half: £10
  •  Back or Chest Full: £15
  •  Hot Wax Extra: £5